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Here you can find general information about N13243 as well as maintenance information, schedules and a detailed history of the aircraft.
Please read this section before you fly!

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In this section you can view and download documents relevant to N13243. You will find the POH, the autopilot manual, current weight and balance sheet, checklists, etc...

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From flight planning to couch flying, you'll definitely find something of interest here! Links to our favourite GA web resourses as well as a link to the online booking system.

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About N13243.

Currently based at Denham Airfield (EGLD) which is just north of the London Heathrow control zone, N13243 is American registered with all taxes and duties paid.

From the 1st of April 2016 our baby has been parked on a concrete circle outside the tower at Denham in the cold and wet. Unfortunately, a solution to get her back in a hanger is a long way off so we will just have to live with it and up to now there have been no real problems. In some respects this is good as you don't have to get her out of the hanger and it is far esier to fill with AVGAS from the pump by the tower. Down side is that the blue cover has to be taken off before and then re-fitted after the flight.

Maintenance Issues: We have a new PowerFlo exhaust system fitted plus a K&N air filter.  Take off performance seems to be better and the fuel consumption is about 1 litre per hour less but not much difference in cruise speed though. A rather nice engine monitoring unit has been installed which very accurately shows fuel consumption and also aids in leaning.  Operating manual is attached later on the web page under 'Documents'. There is nothing else report at the moment but should you find anything then please let Ian know. The oil should be kept at 5 quarts as anything above this blows out of the breather and deposits itself on the bottom of the fueselage. Make sure you leave the large black box in the back of the plane in tidy and clean state with no spilt Oil. PLEASE leave her as you would like to find her. The usual reminders have to be made on checking the Tyre Pressures which always seem to be low, especially as we are now parked outside. If you think they are low, please let Ian know and he will pump them up.

  • First test flight

    21 November 1973

    Duration 2 hrs & 25 minutes at the Pawnee Division of Cessna Aircraft Co. Cessna testpilot J. Donavan.

  • C of A granted

    27 November 1973

    Certificate of Airworthiness granted for operations up to and including 20,000 feet!!!

  • Sold to FBO

    15 December 1973

    Sold to FBO Rolling Hills Aviation in Torrance, California, and delivered with 14.9 hours on the airframe.

  • First 100 hours

    14 February 1974

    First 100 hours completed. (Altimeter defective and replaced).

  • First Annual

    9 May 1974

    First Annual Inspection

  • Second Annual

    23 May 1975

    Second Annual Inspection. Airframe time = 954.8 hours.

  • Sold

    September 1975

    Sold to FBO in New Mexico

  • Sold to Airforce Flying Club at Zaragoza, Spain

    November 1978

    Shipped from New Mexico by container and reassembled in Zaragoza. Airframe time = 1921.5 hours.

  • Moved to Airforce Flying Club, Ramstein, Germany

    June 1983

    Airframe time = 2899.6 hours.

  • Sold to Bayliss and Partners at Egelsbach, Germany

    28 July 1984

    Airframe time = 3695.0 hours.

  • Accident

    July 1988

    Landing accident with damage to nose gear at Köln-Bonn, Germany, due to hard landing with multiple bounces.

  • Sold to Bayliss and Belew

    16 April 1990

    Airframe time = 4298.7 hours.

  • New Paint!

    February 1992

    Red, White and Blue!! Airframe time = 4820 hours.

  • Engine overhaul

    March 1995

    Complete engine overhaul and increase to 160 BHP with STC. Airframe time = 5486.4 hours.

  • Loss of oil pressure in flight

    July 1998

    Precautionary landing at Hildesheim.  Crankshaft and bearing damage due to unknown causes. Airframe time = 6000 hours.

  • New engine

    August 1998

    New engine with 160 BHP STC from Pen-Yan Aviation.

  • Current Airframe time

    21 September 1999

    Current airframe time = Approx. 6400 hours.

  • Ross Schmidt carrying out the original pre-purchase inspection on the ramp at Ramstein.

  • Here is another one with a rather younger looking Ross!

  • And another...

  • Here is the original engine - it lasted 5000 hours before we had to replace it!!

  • This is the instrument panel as it was.

  • Here is another shot - nothing original remains!

  • This is a shot of the original interior - looks a bit better now.

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